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Version 2: What - Why - How - What-If

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

After I sent the proposal; What - Why - How - What-If and I got feedback from our new tutor George(Unit 2) that he said I should analyze and summarize everything in order to prepare for the next steps. I analyze and summarize everything with a focus on preparing for the next steps. I am looking back at all data and material that I research and then I organize data to ensure coherence. More than that I am looking for other information in different parts such as case-study and evidence data to support my ideas. So, this is my revised information after I feel lost in Unit 1.

This project would like to present Feng Shui principle in a contemporary way to people. Moreover, the purpose of this project will allow people to understand in essential of Feng Shui principle that represents balance & harmony in human life.

Nowadays, Feng Shui principle can apply to the design field in a comtemporary style. So, it can be said that Feng Shui is very good science that can be combined with living both Architecture, Interior design, and other doing business, which shows Feng Shui plays a very important role.

In Feng Shui practice, a great deal of superstition and symbolism surrounds good fortune objects. These may be specially believed to attract wealth and longevity into the household.

They maybe be special type of animal, either real or mythological.

This object has a powerful role in attracting good luck into the home.

From my research, more than 40% of Thai people believe in superstition and good fortune objects for decorating their homes to attract wealth and longevity. It shows that good fortune object still influences home decoration in Thailand.

But at present, these traditional objects are considered outdated and do not match the contemporary interior contexts.

For this reason, the change that I want to see is; I want to see the harmony & balance between contemporary interior design and Feng Shui objects.

My idea comes up with the question......

"How can I change people's perspective, that are not stuck to the traditinal image of Feng Shui objects?

My point is that need to create something that can change people's perspectives to a new way of understanding the essence of Feng Shui principle.

Stakeholders are probably the most critical people who play a role in my project's success. As stakeholders of a project such as investors, customers, suppliers and communities, it's important to communicate with them effectively, get feedback and ensure they're happy with the outcome of the project. Based on my research, I clarify my stakeholder into 4 types; customers, investors, suppliers, and communities. So, I will manage all different stakeholders is perhaps the most critical part of my project that might be a sub-project in further.

'any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization's objectives' (1984: 46).
The explanation list of WHY?

I add more details to the part of Why? in order to clarify my part of the project.

It illustrates my methodology and management strategy that is aimed at finding solutions to problems.

Overall, before I will go to the next steps, I list the keyword that might relate to various in a border context of what goes around my research topic. It will provide concepts that can be later to understand the practice of my research.

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