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Unit3; The idea of Intervention 3: Turn Adversary into Partner.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In addition to insightful interviews with stakeholders, I have watched the video "How to Argue" By Dan Shapiro; the main topic he talks about is Negotiating the Nonnegotiable. Three parts lead to a compelling conversation IDENTITY, APPRECIATION and AFFILIATION. The topic that interests me the most is AFFILIATION this content talks about "How can we change the nature of our conversation."

He suggests letting two of the discourser facing the same share the problem.

It's called turning an enemy into a partner.

And see what happens if we start a revolution.......


This knowledge came up with the idea that my intervention is

"How to turn an Adversary into a Partner."

This intervention will invite two experts in the part of Feng Shui Master and an interior designer to come to face and share the problem. This session will allow the two-part to discuss and share the idea of "How to apply traditional practice as Feng Shui to contemporary interior design." During the session, I will notice their reaction that It might be compromised and transform their relationship or not.

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