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Unit 3: The Outcome of Intervention 4: Prototype Service Platform version 2.

I improved this Prototype Service Platform Version 2 from stakeholder's feedback. According to the latest feedback that there are two main points.

  1. They still need the credibility of the Feng Shui master in the part of this platform.

  2. Even though, they know basic practices, They still cannot apply the practice to modern interior design by themselves. They need someone(something) that makes accurate clarification.

Consequently, I developed this intervention with new practices by using a combination of applied strategies; by collaborating with the Feng Shui master, and then brought the stakeholder’s feedback as a leading point for development such as making a clear visual and providing various options for the objects.

This is a Process of Creating an Intervention 4; Prototype Service Platform version 2

Prototype Service Platform Version 2

This is the latest version of the service platform which I work to develop ideas with Feng Shui Master.

There are 3 steps to get the results of how we can apply Feng Shui practice to interior design.

The Prototype Of Service Platform Version 2

The detail information about how practice Feng Shui to contemporary interior design.

This is an exam of the result of Feng Shui applied to interior design practice followed by the personal element of Feng Shui theory. The information will consist of....

  • Feng Shui Basic knowledge

  • Interior Design element knowledge

  • The direction of Mood&Tone of interior design should be to decorating.

  • The perspective of interior design demonstrates the overall guideline.

the result of Feng Shui applied to interior design practice followed by the personal element (Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) of Feng Shui theory

Detail of Intervention

Focus on:

  • Observing the reaction from the stakeholders and determining if this platform would be helpful for people to apply traditional practice in modern interior design.

  • More than that will this platform be able to change their way of thinking?

Format: Version 2 of a Simulated Service platform to educate and help create good Feng Shui space through interior design with basic knowledge practical.

Tool: Sketch idea presented on iPad, brochure, and explanation.

Targets of testing:

  • Random people who have a different ethnicity, age, gender and opinion of other people, because it might result in different responses.

  • Interior designer

  • Feng Shui master


The outcomes of the intervention.

Participates: 5 persons / Rejected: 4 persons

  • General people: 3 persons ( 1 old generation, 2 adults)

  • Interior designer: 1 person

  • Feng Shui master: 1 person

The outcomes of General people

Testing the Service Platform with people who have different age range.

The feedback of the participants after testing.

Reflection & New Knowledge from General people

There were three people participated in this intervention, which 1 participant had a different age ranges. The feedback from the old generation doesn't respond to this platform because she has her direction for decorating her home. By contrast, the young generation is more responsive and accepts the new practice.

As a result of testing, it shows the age range of the generation that affects responding to new practices. That allowed me to learn that it is easier to convince the new generation to accept new ideas, and it helped me identify my customers' age range.


The outcomes of Interior designer

I also tested this service platform with an experienced interior designer who has worked with a Feng Shui master.

Testing platform with interior designer.
Interior designer's Feedbacks


" From my experience working with a Feng Shui expert, I had conflicting ideas with traditional practices. If this platform is created, I think it might help both sides generate a compromise for building a balance and well-being spaces for the customer.

I used to think that it is difficult to merge these two practices, but this example shows me that it is possible that these two practices can be applied to create a new practice and it can be able to develop this knowledge applies to other creative industries."


The outcomes of Feng Shui master

I had to investigate this platform with a Feng Shui expert, Mrs. Papassarin Jirasaranluck, who works in Joey Yap Feng Shui Consulting Group.


"In personally, I rarely work with designers, but I often work with my clients who want me to apply Feng Shui practice to interior design. Because I don't know about interior design much, so I can't apply them together.

Therefore, this platform might be a guideline for aesthetic design. I consider that is a good start to see how can we apply traditional practice to modern design. The goal of both practices aims to create a comfortable space for residents. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to start a revolution to create something new. In my opinion, that is not a bad thing to provide an alternative way to build up new practice; that new practice will lead you to well-being."

  • Feng Shui principles should be in-depth and have more intense content.

  • There should be a wide choice of decorations.


Reflection & New Knowledge from Expert

The feedback shows that the platform can slightly change the way they think; for me, this is a good beginning. Obviously, they have an open mind to new things and empathy with each other. Considered that this service platform can be a stimulating change, particularly Feng Shui master, in which she is willing to learn new practices to change the traditional revolution applied to modern design. it is also a challenge for Designers to use their creative abilities to turn traditional practices into contemporary contexts.


Next Step

- Continue to develop this platform as action research.

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