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Unit 3: The Outcome of Intervent 3; Turn Adversary to Partner.

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

After I came up with the idea of Intervention, I created a meeting that allowed two ideologies between ancient practices Feng Shui and creative design, to discuss how we can apply the traditional practice to contemporary interior design.

Method: In this intervention, I will create a stimulating situation for discussing two ideologies, Feng Shui practice and creative design, on the topic "How can we apply Feng traditional practice, Feng Shui, to contemporary interior design".

Focus on: During the intervention, I will focus on the reaction of both of them, whether they will have a compromise or find a new approach or not.


  1. Firstly, I consulted one side with a Feng Shui master only, about what my bedroom should be, in terms of good feng shui on the perceptions of Feng Shui experts.


The Feng Shui master calculated my personal element and clarified what colour, material, shape, and decoration I should decorate in my bedroom.

Element: Metal

Colour: Black, Gary, Deep Bule,

Material: Metal, Aluminum, Mirrors

Shape: Flowing shape, Round shape

Decoration: Mirror

This is my bedroom interior design that followed the Feng Shui principle.

Data Collected:

This perspective shows only one side of the Feng Shui master's perception. From the observation, the Feng Shui master is only concerned with the knowledge of Feng Shui practices, he is not concerned about the aesthetic of the contemporary design, and he can not apply the traditional practice to contemporary interior design. I noticed that he also decorates the room with ancient decorations according to Feng Shui beliefs, such as the wind chimes that help bring good luck and energy flow to the room.

2. Secondly, I invited an interior designer to join for discussion on the topic "How we apply traditional Feng Shui practice in to contemporary interior design?" by using the interior perspective of a Feng Shui master's perception. I will pretend to the customer to tell requirement to Feng Shui Master and designer to have a discussion.

This is sketch of feedback when they discussed for finding the best solution for contemporary design.

In the sketch of their feedback, they discussed about the alternative options for designing, such as colour, shape, material and decoration, as Can it change? How can it change?.

This is a final perspective after they discussed and exchange ideas.

The comparison of interior perspective, Before picture is only Feng Shui master perceotion, After is the result when Feng Shui master and designer shared ideas with each other.


The outcome of this session, I have clearly seen the change of reaction in interior design that interior designers can communicate with the Feng Shui master. They can offer another option for design but still in the way of Feng Shui practice. As a result, it demonstrates that when two conflicting ideologies are communicated that leading to compromise and new knowledge which they learn and exchange ideas from each other.

For example, Feng Shui master suggests painting all the room with dark color that match the owner's element, but the owner doesn't like it, the designer can propose the idea to turn all dark colour to decorate just the headboard. In addition, designer can also offer a new way of guidelines for choosing the alternative option of design and decoration in a modern way, and also respect the Feng Shui practice.


  • When the two conflicting ideologies have facing the same shared problems, they will automatically ask the other person which "What is your advice?". Then, it can transform the relationship between them become a positive attitude of greater understanding. As a result, when they learn to communicate and compromise with each other, they can create new ideas. At least, they have started to learn......

" How they apply traditional practice as Feng Shui into contemporary interior design."

  • Turning employer-employee dynamics into Collaborators who help each other think, work together, work together, debate creatively, and listen - It's really hard, but if we can do it, our results are always rewarding for both of parties.


Feedback from Feng Shui Master

  • He learned from the other perspective in terms of aesthetic design which allowed him to gain knowledge and learn how to apply traditional practices to contemporary design.

  • He learned from the other perspective in terms of aesthetic design with people from different perceptions and opened his mind to accepting new ideas.

Feedback from Interior designer

  • The designer can reduce egotism and listen to other points of view that made him think and create something new that he expects.

  • He reduced bias towards the old feng shui practice. He turned his point of view into a challenge that how he applies the ancient practice to new things but still communicates in the same meaning.

Overall, from observation of this event both of them learned how to find new approaches to solving problems. As the result, this allows them to greater understanding, accept and abandon their biased. Finally, instead of being an enemy, they are turning into partner for collaborating to apply something new.

Next Step

  • I will use this strategy to develop my service platform. By the service platform will create a new way of corporate knowledge between Feng Shui practice and contemporary interior design for helping people to create balance and good luck space. Moreover, we will start a revolution the knowledge in this area, for people to understand the basic practice. It is not just only applied to your own balance space, but it also learn how to live a balanced life in the world.

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