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Unit 3: Observe & Explore; Learning in Sustainability Material and Materials futures.

After a conversation with the Sustainable Product Designer; Mr Jai, made me interested in sustainable design, and I come up with the idea concept to study this area to develop as part of my project. So I continue to study in this area by starting to explore in CSM library in part of the Materials Library.

I have booked for consulting with Billie Coxhead, she is a tutorial on material learning sessions. We have conversations about my concept ideas that how to apply sustainable materials to interior design and also related to Feng Shui practice. She has given me a lot of useful information such as renewable materials, alternative materials, production innovation and other educational platforms to expand the idea of a sustainable way to design.

Conversation with Billie Coxhead and Study about sustainability design.

I have read the book name; Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future By Caroline Till and Kate Franklin. This book makes me unpack the themes that are impacting the material world. Reading this book allows me to explore the ideas from excellent case studies that lead me(or designers) to get new ideas to develop into reality. This book also provides new approaches to using material and design processes that go beyond the notion of 'Sustainable design'.

"I believe that the way of sustainable design will benefit our world's environment, and also material innovation will be an important factor to achieve the goal."

Reflective Idea

This is a concept idea from the research about sustainable design.

This is a concept idea from my research about sustainable design. I will insert and reinterpret the sustainable materials into the meaning of each five elements, such a

  • Water will be replaced by recycled materials from clear plastic bottles, for giving a clear glass texture.

  • Wood will be replaced by recycled material from waste wood.

  • Fire will be replaced by recycled material from electric bulb scraps.

  • Earth will be replaced by recycled material from clay and ceramic.

  • Metal will be replaced by recycled material from scrap metal.

Overall, I would like to insert the idea of sustainable design as a part of the development of this project. I hope that this concept design might be a design force and stimulate sustainability processes in our society. According to the main idea of the Feng Shui practice, it not only promotes balance in people's spaces but also encourages the world to become better and more balanced.

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