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Unit 3: Observe & Explore: Hix Event; Interior Design Event.

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I have attended the Hix Event, which is the event bringing the interior community together for networking, discussions and social space of interior designers. Moreover, the workshop allows guests to meet expert speakers on various topics in design trends, such as the way of storytelling, Zero Design, Sustainability, and Metaverse in this industry.

I visited this event that shows design trends such as materials, furniture design, decorations, and manufacturing innovations in the interior design industry. In particular, I went to Hix Talk to participate in discussions with experts.

Joining this Hix Talks workshop This is my opportunity to gain new knowledge on each topic related to the interior design industry, especially the issue of sustainable design, and I have inspired the benefits of content to use this knowledge to develop my project.

Reflection of my observations on Hix Talks Workshop

These are some of the reflective examples of speaker topics;

1. Sens Fiction: Fiction and the Future of Design

Sens Fiction: Fiction and the Future of Design By Ramy Fischler

This session is talking about "Why should today's designers care about imaginary, visions, futuristic tales and the power of fiction?". The speaker; Ramy Fischler, mentioned that he looks to fiction as a tool of foresight, exploring the power of books, films, and advertising to reveal the habits, uses and applications of future design.

From attending this event, he emphasized that the media around us is only part of what can be inspiring that sometimes I overlook. It also gave me a broader perspective and there are ways to find inspiration from existing media that can apply in the future life.

2. A Designer's Mindset: Creating environments where great things can grow

A Designer's Mindset: Creating environments where great things can grow By Ruud Belmans

In this session is the Artist shared their ideas during dealing with project problems. They believe that when designers or artists have to deal with project problems, It is all about applying a designer's mindset and searching out opportunities to rethink traditional design values.

This seminar was very helpful and inspiring to me. It is because he gave a different perspective on creativity practices. For instance, rather than seeing restrictions, he suggested another way of thinking, which provoked the problems to be a challenge. He has proven that from problems, challenges arise to create new things.

I also like the point of view he says,

"Play Around and Experiment"

And that's what I think is one of the core principles of innovation.

3. From Sustainability to Regeneration: Designing for an Earth-centred future.

From Sustainability to Regeneration: Designing for an Earth-centred future By Caorline Till

It was a super surprise for me, because the author of the book; Radical Matter, which I just read about sustainable materials, become a speaker at this event. Caroline Till -- discusses the design visions brought about by an environmental crisis. When I attended this workshop, the speaker allows me to rethink my perception of the natural world and how to. In my opinion, this session is a good example of optimism and provoke designer into the future of sustainable design.


To join this Event, I have been researching in different contexts that gain a variety of knowledge. Participating in the Hix Talk workshop is another way to give me a new perspective by listening to the experience in the real world from various experts. More than that this event allows me to listen to the community; Interpreting these hopes, fears, passions and challenges is the starting point for stepping out of the box.

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