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Unit 3: Learning The customer's Behaviour about The Beliefs effect on decision to buy decorations.

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

After I had a conversation with an Artist Scruplture expert about the context effect on the way of belief. So, I went to study more about how beliefs affect the way of living in Thailand.

I found an interesting article about Folk beliefs (Superstitions), Astrology, fortuneteller and belief about the supernatural in Thailand. The article talk about Thais are very superstitious. Before they make significant decisions such as purchasing a home, getting married or doing something new, they frequently consult fortunetellers. Most of Thai people maintain fortunate charms and take lucky numbers and colours very seriously. In addition, It is also said that Thai society has a variety of beliefs, which Feng Shui practice is one of the types of beliefs that Thai people pay attention to. Feng shui, in the view of the Thai people, is related to astrology, such as the belief in horoscopes.

They believe that personality is related to life or living environment. and that belief is related to their lives.

According to the research of the topic The Attitude And Behaviour Of Consumers in Bangkok That Affacted By Superstitious Beliefs By Mr.Thanapron Viwatsorn

Another information after I read the article about "The Belief of Thai People", I also talked with Mr Kong, a supervisor manager of Kvik Furniture (Thailand); The one best Furniture store and Design consultant in Thailand.

We discussed The customers' buying behaviour and making decisions when purchasing furniture or home decoration.

He provided interesting information that A group of customers around 40 %, a relatively high percentage, will use Feng Shui principle as the direction of their decision to decorate their home. Especially in terms of colour and materials related to their horoscope or date of birth, it significantly impacts the decision to buy home decorations.

This is the information that emphasizes Feng Shui principles, particularly the colour and material that affect the belief that influence the way of life of Thai people.

Conculding & Reflective

  • This knowledge supports my assumption that Feng Shui is an important part of the decision to influence the concept of decorating their home, especially choosing the colour and material they will use for interior design. Moreover, the new knowledge that I have learned is before making a decision, consulting the fortuneteller will make it easier to convince customers and make them more confident to make decisions.

  • So, it is undeniable that Feng Shui is one of the beliefs that Thai people will adhere to as part of their living. Overall, when I understand more about customer behaviour, I will apply this requirement to develop my project's detail to better respond to customer needs. For example, the new knowledge that I have learned about colour and materials might influence Feng Shui beliefs and interior design related to the personal horoscope, I will insert this part of the content into my intervention to test people that it works or not.

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