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Unit 3: Interview Expert; Sculpture Artist, Mr. Dong

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Because Thai society believes in Feng Shui theory playing a role in sculptures. Therefore, it is inevitable that artists of sculpture often work with a Feng Shui master. Mr. Dong is a famous sculpture artist in Thailand who is the owner of Dong Sculpture Company will talk about his perspective on the creative art area that often works with the science of belief known as feng shui.

"The sculpture will explode, link, or blend, depending on the space it's about to show up." Mr.Dong
Mr. Dong, Dong Scrulpture
Example work, Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok


This interview is focused on sharing the experiences of working within the area of Feng Shui, art, and creative design. Also, discuss some conflicts of ideology between traditional theory(Feng Shui) and contemporary design theory when he worked with a Feng Shui master.

Conclusions and Reflection of ideas on the interview.

  • The main problem of conflicting ideology is the two parts of ideas did not communicate with each other to exchange ideas and compromise.

  • An object will perform when there is interaction with space and people and so does the Feng Shui practice too.

  • The context of culture and environment affected the society's beliefs.

  • Knowledge of all disciplines can be applied and can be connected, just have an authentic understanding.

Next Steps

After interviewing with Sculpture Artist I come up with the idea of intervention to create a collaboration and compromise between two ideologies of Feng Shui master and designer.

>>>> To be continued to the next intervention.

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