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Unit 3: Inerview with Sustainable Product Designer.

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Interior Design related to home decoration, including the principle of Feng Shui auspicious objects is often used to decorate a home to promote the good fortune of residents. It can be said that product design is one important part of this project.

So, I went to research whether there are new innovations or what is the trend of design in the contemporary day. I found an interesting sustainable product brand in Thailand named "Qualy". Qualy is Thai designed sustainable product brand. The purpose of this brand is focused on not only creating happiness through creativity, with sustainability for enhancing a better life and a better world.

Then, I have a conversation with Mr Teerachai(Jai); Co-founder of Qualy Brand. The topic of conversation was the product design process, research design, sustainable innovation, concept and strengths of this Brand, in order to be able to adapt some knowledge to develop my project.

Conversation with Mr Jai; Co-founder of sustainable brand "Qualy"

In this conversation, he gave me an interesting example of his project called "Sati", which means consciousness in English. "Sati" is the design of a traditional Thai amulet by this time Qauly represented it in a contemporary design in which they use sustainable innovation to help for production, all materials are made from waste plastic.

Case study of sustainable design and the concept how to apply traditional believe into modern design.

The new alternative modern design of traditional amulets in Thailand by using innovation in the production process.

Overall, this project is not only considered as a creative project but also creates a way of sustainability that made the world become a better place as well.


According to a conversation that made me realize the power of creativity and innovations can save the world. This inspired me to develop this idea to adapt to my project. Moreover, sustainable design is considered to be a contemporary design, it these interesting to promote the modern Feng Shui principle in this project to create a way of sustainability with the balance being a long-term result that might not only help people can create well-being and balance in their own place but also of making the world become a better place as well.

"This project will further corroborate with sustainability experts to study sustainable alternative materials based on contemporary approaches and combine sustainable innovation in the production process that might help maintain a balanced world."

Next Step

  • Study insights about sustainable design, material and innovation of production.

  • Collaboration with Sustainable Product Designers.

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