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Unit 3: How Feng Shui could help build better products.

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The article How Feng Shui Could Help Build Better Products from the fast company by Jessica Phan. This article is interesting in that the writer talks about how Feng Shui influences any product just we need to actually understand of Feng Shui principle.

In the beginning, Phan said Feng Shui is a silly, superstitious nonsense topic. After that, her attitude started to shift when she began to develop a better understanding of Feng Shui principle. She started to notice the principles really do enhance a home. Then it occurred to her that also translates into another product by applying Feng Shui as a guideline in design.

That product is an application. The gold is eventually the same; creating and providing experience to boost energy and balance spaces. This topic is focused on How to incorporate more Chi(good energy) into the design of your product.

This article provided guidelines and ideas on how can apply the traditional practice to

another production. For example.....

1. Attend to your entryway

2. Remove the clutter

3. Soften the Edges

4. Stimulate movement

5. Add Gentle Sounds

That shows the way how she applies the Feng Shui principle to other products as an application.

Conclusions and Reflection

From the evaluation of this article, as a designer, the fundamental goal is to delight our users and make them appreciate the product we build. So, this article shows that Feng Shui is a good theory that we can use and apply some theory to other products to promote good energy which leads to a better, happier life. Moreover, I got some ideas on How can I apply traditional theory to my project as well.

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