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Unit 3: Feng Shui: Science or Pseudoscience

After intervention and feedback, many questions are asked about the actual meaning of Feng Shui, why it effects our life. So, I turn back to find and define my project's direction by rethinking learning in this area. 
The result of rethinking might help me explore some of the latest research to better understanding of how project works.

Feng Shui: Science or Pseudoscience

Many discussions about the Feng Shui principle seem to be about science overlapping with faith. When talking about extraordinary beliefs, it is difficult to combine them with science. However, Feng Shui is the most popular topic that people have difficulty identifying as an extraordinary belief and science is.

According to Stuart Vyse, Feng Shui is classified as a pseudoscience in that it aspects such as making claims about the functioning of the world which are not able to explain with the scientists' method. On the other hand, there are more elements of science, people are more likely to convince this theory (belief). For example, the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) in this theory was the most fundamental in the world, and they create or eliminate each other which is based on scientists theory. In this case, Feng Shui is nothing but a pseudoscience or superstition, and it was defined as so today.

In fact, in the field of Feng Shui, there are lots of School which conflicts with each other, and in present day people could claim them as "Master" who making money for their service that could change people,desiny. This trade makes many masters make millions by just giving advice for in-room designing.


In sum, Feng Shui cannot identified as a science but a form of art in Eastern culture. If people test its falsifiability by using the science definition today, it is surely a pseudoscience and superstition. People who study it find that it is type of traditional art that has been valued and passed thousands of years. The creation borrowed and applied many theories in different kind of area that makes it mysterious and fascinating.

In the word, it can be say that most of creator applies traditional theory into business marketing only.

New Knowledge

  • Some of the discussions about Feng Shui is not science, but it is a pseudoscience that some creators use for a business model.

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