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Project 5: The Change I want to see.....

Updated: May 8, 2022

The survey results of the Lectra industry of furniture found that the post-COVID people have a strong desire to improve their living space to stay at home for being comfortable and happy. Furniture and decorations became popular that residents pay attention to choosing to decorate their houses. Therefore, there is a tendency to buy furniture and home furnishings up to 40% from the past, and another aspect of my experience as an interior designer especially in Thailand, more than 60% of customers believe in the Feng Shui principle that it will make the house have better energy. So, feng shui products are an option that people will choose as home decorations to bring good things into their lives.

But from the point of view of the interior designer traditional Feng Shui products distract the interior design of the house and is not match anything.

Because feng shui products are obsolete shape, it doesn't have any design and doesn't fit with modern design. Also, there were no choices for choosing Feng Shui Products in a modern way. And that's why I want to change it.

So I have the idea that

“How can I apply traditional Feng Shui products to modern design? “

After I got the topic of interest, I started an interview with experts in various fields as primary sources likely to be related to my topics, such as Feng Shui Master, furniture designers and product designers. For asking and discussing my ideas with them whether it is reasonable or not.

For example, a feng shui person asked me about the essence of feng shui, including how it is possible to change feng shui principles related to design. In terms of furniture and product, designers will inquire about the product design process and functionality to guide how to use materials and functions that can apply to Feng Shui principles. So, Interviews with experts are beneficial in applying and referring to projects to support the possibility. I also took a questionnaire with people asking me if the new generation has their opinions on Feng Shui beliefs or not.

According to secondary research, I focus on feng shui books and research on Feng Shui, mainly Feng Shui related to design.

Feng Shui book by Lillian Too

After finding a certain level of reference It can be a rough proof of the main target audience in this project which should be 15-20%of Thai people of Chinese descent who believe in feng shui.

So that is the thing I would like to see change is .......

“Traditional Feng Shui product reshapes to modern design”

For creating an alternative of Feng Shui products in a modern style to meet the needs of most of the younger generation who still believe in Feng Shui. Let the user feel lucky and beautiful at the same time.

That is the idea of sketch, How can I change it.

For the next part, I will go through study more about material, shape, energy connections and functionality of products of Feng Shui related to the Feng Shui principle as Five-element.

To Be Continued........

Feedback from Dargon, Tutorial and General

From Dragon

  • Recommend looking at other designers using Feng Shui to apply in their field.

  • In the detail of the design, I should study and might pay attention to colour schemes. How to apply in project.

  • There are different types of Feng Shui principles which Feng Shui system that I am using?

From Tutorial

  • Consider people who have knowledge of Feng Shui and people who do not know about Feng Shui. How to make people on both sides understand what I am going to convey?

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