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Testing Intervention 1: Give people an options

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Starting with my research question is

"How can I change people's minds from the traditional view of good luck objects in Feng Shui?"
The stakehoder was divided into 3 different types, are conservative person, believer and Non-believer.

The Stakeholder of the intervention

  • 1. Conservative person: People who have conservative beliefs in Feng Shui & Goodluck Object

  • 2. The Believer(My Target): People who believe but look for alternatives way that is more modern.

  • 3. Non-Believer: People who don’t believe in Feng Shui & Goodluck Objects.

I would like to intervene with all 3 types of my stakeholder because I want to see the different opinions of the 3 groups of the stakeholder, especially the main target group the believer.

This is my testing with customers for getting feedback on the good luck objects, it can be seen in the process of creating intervention from the last post.

The purpose

The purpose of this test is would like to convince the target to see the alternative options for good luck home decoration. I will convince my stakeholder by saying that

"If I say that every object is a lucky item that makes your home well-being and lucky, which object would you choose to decorate your home?"
The options for good luck home decoration.

The expectation of Intervention

Need to see stakeholders’ feedback. If there are other modern options, are they still interested in the traditional object or not?

Feedback From Stakeholder

Feedback from Feng Shui Master


  • Feng Shui expert suggested that the good fortune object in Feng Shui should be matched with the resident. It might use some principles of Feng Shui such as 5 elements that can be applied for good luck objects in a new way. In terms of decorating a home, most of the residents might be concerned about colour, shape, material and lucky number which matches their date of birth.

  • Good luck object for feng shui will effectively when it stands in the right context, it would say that being in the right place with at the right time which made "the balancing context."

Feedback from 3 Types of Target


1. Conservative person(1 person): It was surprising that she chooses alternative options.

"It is very interesting that Feng Shui principle is conveyed in modern alternative objects. However, when I choose some good fortune object, I usually pick something that matches my date of birth; because I believe that it will promote good luck.

2. Believer(6 person): Most of them choose alternative options.

  • Furniture is the most popular that people choose as a good luck object for decorating home.

  • " If I have to choose some good fortune object for good Feng Shui, I might consult with Feng Shui Expert for making sure that things to match my own fortune and interior design of my house"

3. Non-Believer:

  • If there are alternative ways of good fortune object for home decoration, it is not a bad idea that might choose such things to decorate your home for luck.

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