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Action: Experiment with Feng Shui practice in my room in London

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Interior Design is often accompanied by Feng Shui principle, but the pain point between interior designers and Feng Shui experts is the lack of conversation that they didn't discuss before the process of designing. This problem contributes to the conflict gap between interior design process and Feng Shui practices. In terms of interior process, I already know how the process is, but I have no idea how Feng Shui is practised. So, I consult with a Feng Shui expert on how practice should be by using my the floor plan of my room in London to understand the practice of Fen Shui.

The purpose of testing

The purpose of this test is to understand the overall process of both interior design and Feng Shui practice in order to find a way that.....

"How to reduce the gap of conflict between interior design and Feng Shui practice."

**This is come up with my new research questions.**

Process of Feng Shui practice

  1. Look at the Location, Direction(North, East, South, West) related to the floor plan.

Using my room floor plan for teasting Feng Shui practice.

2. Calculate from the date of birth of the resident to show their element of them.

This is the result of calculating my element to be used as a guideline of Feng Shui practice.

3. Using Baqua* combine with floor plan for finding the Balance&Harmony of the space.

*Baqua= The fundamental principle of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concept.
Conbine Baqua into floor plan follow the Feng Shui parctice.

4. Evaluate: Feng Shui expert will fortune-tellers follow the Baqua and apply Feng Shui principle in their own way.

**Note: Feng Shui experts have a strong influence on layout plans and guidelines for home decoration to promote good luck at home.


Role of Feng Shui Masters

  • Consulting an individual's horoscope based on Feng Shui principle to figure out what is the best Feng Shui for that person, to determine what aspects of the house are balanced.

  • Make a clear right from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations.

Reflection of Testing

- Understanding the process of Feng Shui practice.

- Seeing gaps in the conflict between the interior design process and Feng Shui practice.

- Come up with new research questions is

"How to reduce the gap of conflict between interior design and Feng Shui practice."

Next step

- Creating a prototype for testing with the main stakeholder (customer).

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