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Research: 5 Element of Feng Shui to Concept Design

Feng Shui Element & Interior Design

Element of Feng Shui uses five elements and accompanying colours, shapes and materials. These are used to create a balanced home and life by deciding where to focus your energy.

In modern interior design, colours are also used to evoke emotion. So, modern interior design and feng shui are very similar in how they interpret the use of colour and it’s a connection to provoking a particular mood or feeling.

Overall, combining Feng Shui practices with contemporary Interior design can curate intuitive interior environments that are not only aesthetic but mindful of the user’s lifestyle, aspirations and emotional experience of the space.

The Element for Your Year of Birth

Everyone has their element, you first must check the element to see how you can create space for well balance.

Here's how to determine which of the five elements is connected to your birth year.

  • Metal: Birth years ending in 0 or 1

  • Water: Birth years ending in 2 or 3

  • Wood: Birth years ending in 4 or 5

  • Fire: Birth years ending in 6 or 7

  • Earth: Birth years ending in 8 or 9

Using the five elements, you can begin to explore the element connected to your year of birth and see how you can nourish it with feng shui.

Metal is nourished by the element of Earth.

Feng shui tip: Bring in yellow, brown, and other earthy colours and grounding crystals, like fancy jasper.

Water is nourished by the element of Metal.

Feng shui tip: Whites, greys, and metallic colours support you, as does the sound of metal chimes.

Wood is nourished by the element of Water.

Feng shui tip: Dark blues, charcoal, and black colors or water fountains support you.

Fire is nourished by the element of Wood.

Feng shui tip: Living green plants as well as the colours green, blue, and teal are suggested.

Earth is nourished by the element of Fire.

Feng shui tip: Try out fiery reds, oranges, triangles, and candles.

Understanding the 5-Element Theory

The element cycles are a means to describe how the individual elements relate to each other. The cycles are just means to guide you to create compositions that might have more balance in your space.

All five elements represent colour

Wood: Blue, Green

Fire: Red

Earth: Yellow, Brown

Metal: White

Water: Black

These colours follow the five element cycles of mutual growth and decay. Each element is related to specific colours that can be incorporated into your decor or wardrobe to bring more of that element’s qualities into your life.

Guidelines Elements to Design

Feng Shui Element: Fire

Energy: Pulsating, energy, vitality (yang)

Shape: Triangular

Colors: Red shades, pinks

Season: Summer

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Lights, candles, candelabras, a fireplace; hang a painting or sculpture with a bold splash of red or triangle shapes

Feng Shui Element: Earth

Energy: Stability, nurturing, sustaining

Shape: Square

Colors: Orange, yellow, earth tones

Season: Transition of seasons

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Terra cotta pots, ceramics, soft fabrics and colors

Feng Shui Element: Metal

Energy: Focus, direct, contracting

Shape: Round

Colors: Grey, pastels, white

Season: Autumn

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Metal objects, metallic finishes and fixtures

Feng Shui Element: Water

Energy: Fluid

Shape: Wavy

Colors: Black, dark tones

Season: Winter

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Fountains, fish tanks, mirrors

Feng Shui Element: Wood

Energy: Changing, growth, sprouting

Shape: Rectangular, columnar

Colors: Green shades

Season: Spring

Design Ideas to Activate Flow/Energy: Plants, wood flooring and furniture, sculpture

My Reflection

I summarize the information on 5 Elements in terms of design as a chart for a guideline for interior design and good luck objects for good Feng Shui.

My summary of 5 Elements to guidelines on interior design and good luck object.

Finally, don't forget that your own personality will affect the overall balance of the element in the room. So, not only do you need to consider the five elements, but also think about your personality and lifestyle and how you're feeling.


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