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Project 4: The Box of Uncertainties

Feng Shui is well-known as a science-based natural phenomenon that can interact between humans and the environment now be applied to both architecture and interior design, which can be proven according to science. By contrast, Feng shui has been classified as a pseudoscience. Nowadays, new generations still believe it's all a ruse. Despite this, this principle continues to have a significant impact on our lives; today, a matter of belief that we cannot be proven.

For example, people still have placed original Feng Shui products (See picture 1) based on beliefs inside the houses to enhance people's good energy, granting them luck, health, and wealth. For this reason, it can say that certain feng shui beliefs distract the aesthetic of the interior.

The question is,..........

How can feng shui principles be adapted to other design fields?

To respond to belief, aesthetics, and functionality for residents.

After researching, I take a survey to evaluate the possibility of the project. The questionnaire will ask about the current feng shui beliefs and how reasonable to apply the principles for design to respond to a new generation to find the answers of uncertainty. Moreover, I gain new knowledge from testing that is a guideline for the further development of this project.

Picture 1, Some Fengshui products distract interior design.

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