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Process Research: Define Problems and Find solutions

From research insight and interviews with stakeholders about the connection between the interior design process and Feng Shui practice, I can gain the real problem that leads to the solution. (#interviewinteriordesigner,#interviewfengshuimaster,#Interviewtarget,#Experiment,#Observation)

Conversation with Interior designer & Feng Shui master

I went to interview both sides about the interoperability problems; it allowed me to understand the actual conflict during the work-on process. The interior design process is an obstacle because of the lack of understanding of the practice process.


  • The lack of knowledge of process practice in each other.

  • There is unknown basic knowledge of each field. For example, Feng Shui masters do not care about design aesthetics, and interior designers lack an understanding of basic Feng Shui practices for promoting balance space.


  • The workflow might be an obstacle that leads to a conflict gap between two parties.


  • They must have a conversation at the beginning of a work process and then organize the workflow step by step.

Conversation with Main Target Audience

Talking with customers makes me aware of the problem from their point of view. Most of them are unknown in both parties' working processes, causing miscommunication.


  • Miscommunication in the work process.

  • Customers lack knowledge of basic practices and principles of both fields.


  • There was a misunderstanding between the Feng Shui master and the Interior designer, causing work obstacles, such as late work and workflow conflict.


  • Provide basic knowledge of the work process and how Feng Shui master and interior design are connected to each other.

  • Create an intermediary that helps communicate the work of all parties.


I am trying to learn how to apply Feng Shui principles to interior design, which will allow me to understand more about primary Feng Shui practice.

Observation & Explore

Survey and exploration are the best way to learn from a case study what people have done before, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how we can apply them.

Define Problem

The way of thinking that how problems lead to a new question.

New Research Question

How can conflict gaps between Feng Shui practice and Interior design process be reduced?

Next Step

  • Create the option to solve the problems.

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