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Process Design: Mapping & Sketch Prototype

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

After I collected data from the methods of research;

- Asking & Conversations with Experts: Feng Shui masters, Interior Designer, Product Designer.

- Picking a Target

- Finding the problem to solve it in the right way.

And then start the project as the long-term goal.

the long-term goal

"The goal needs people to understand the actual Feng shui principles which can be adapted to the interior design of each person."

By doing research methods, I can turn the potential problem into a question that makes them easier to track to answer with sketches, prototypes, and testing.


I used mapping to summarize, it can help me to fits everything together as a simple diagram represents lots of complexity. This map will provide an idea of how to organize the workflow of Feng Shui practice in interior design. It showed my structure's idea for my solution sketch and prototype.

My Summary Mapping idea of organizing between Feng Shui practice and Interior Design process.


I sketched the 1st idea of a prototype for testing the stakeholder and then seeing how they react and Feedback. This prototype is a simulated service platform that might help Feng Shui masters and interior designers easier to working together and may help customers understand the work process more.

Research focus: Reduce the gap conflict of workflow, and provide basic knowledge of the practice.

Research Problem:  “How can the conflict of a workflow gap between Feng Shui practice and Interior design process be reduced?

Sensitizing Concept: Feng Shui traditional principles, Design Theories, Collaboration, Workflow.

This platform will be divided into 2 parts;

  1. Create "SPECE" for "Good Feng Shui"

  2. Create "OBJECT" for "Good Luck"

Sketching idea of Prototype Simulated Service Platform

The concept of this prototype is organized to provide users with step-by-step access to this platform and observe their reactions, that they can operate smoothly or not.

Draft 01: Sketch Idea of Service Platform.

Development of sketches idea to Intervention for testing with audiences.

Next Step

- Using this Prototype, gathering feedback and then developing the next intervention as action research.

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