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Observation: Survey Good Luck Of Feng Shui, China Town, London

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

According to the research, the topic is "Lucky Home Decoration of Feng Shui". I started contacting the good luck store in Thailand at first but there are no shops that responded back. So, I turned to search for a good luck object in London. Luckily, I found a Chinese souvenir shop where there are good luck objects in there.

The purpose of this survey

  • Observe the behaviour of a customer who goes shopping for a good luck object.

  • Who is the main target?

  • What kind of good luck object do they want?

  • What are the criteria to choose a good luck object to decorate their home(or place)?

  • How are good luck objects related to Feng Shui Principle?

  • Are there any options for good luck things?

This observation includes the interview with Shop Owner, for asking the question to more understanding about good luck objects in the present day.

Interview with shop's owner

  • Who is your main customer? What is their buying behaviour of them?


"Most of the people are Asian people who have homes and own a business. They will come to looking for lucky objects to decorate the house or shop because they believe that these lucky items will bring good luck to their place."

  • What kind of good luck object do they want for supporting them; money, health, love or well-being?


"It depends on the objective and context of their living. For example, if they want a lucky object for decorating their home, It would be a good luck object that will support their living such as good health, good energy and good luck. On the other hand, If they look to good fortune objects for shops, restaurants or commercials, it should be good fortune objects for promoting money."

  • How are good luck objects related to Feng Shui principle?


I am not sure about this, maybe you need to ask some Feng Shui masters for some insight information. As I know, according to traditional Feng Shui belief people believe that if a good fortune object is set in the right place; following Feng Shui principle that calculation from Bagua which match with the date of birth of resident, it might bring good fortune to the resident.

**Remark: From this answer shows some people still believe in good fortune objects that might bring good luck to them and support well-being by choosing an object which matches them. By selecting an object that suits the goals that they want to support.

My Observation of Good fortune objects

From my observations of the good luck object, I went to observe what was the popular object that customers are interested in. Moreover, I focus on studying the meaning of the shape and material of good luck objects which might connect to the meaning of good luck.

Reflection of survey

1. Behaviour of Customers

  • Most of them will choose a good luck object to relate to the meaning of objects and match with themself.

2. Good Fortune Objects

  • In marketing, there are a few options for lucky items to decorate to match the contemporary interior design.

  • The things that influence the meaning of good luck are......

Shape, Color, Material and placment.

My Reflection

This is the summary after exploring by focusing on what is the most interesting things that customers looking for and which are influenced on buying behaviour of lucky items. It can be concluded that the meaning in the luck of Shape, Colour, Material and Placement are influenced on buying good fortune objects to decorate the home.

Next Steps

  • Study insight about Shape, Colour, and Material in terms of good luck meaning.

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