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Observation: London Design - Craft Week

London Craft Week is the festival showcase that brings together makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world. I went there to explore creativity, innovation and techniques that might inspire me. At these festivals, there is a lot of creative work such as artwork, crafts products and installation art.

Apply crafting into furniture destai, by using craftsmanship mixed with the alternative materials.

This artwork is inspired by wave immersive which it is minimal, repetitive, rhythmic and mesmerising.

This immersive installation features fantastical arrangments of hand marbled and craft left shape demonstrating the marvels of paper art.

There is a furniture design that show new material and invovation for production.

Another section of Design week is the furniture design and materials showcase.

New innovation and design of lighting.

The innovation of Different material.

New technique to produce a sustainable material.

Mix and match some of material to new material.

Process and Tecnique to design a furniture.

There is a lot of trends in furniture design.

Data collected

Going to see this exhibition was a great opportunity for me to see innovations in manufacturing, design concept, materials, and some of the detail that inspired me to apply for the project.

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