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INTERVIEW: Targets Audience

Into the conversation of a specific target; people who have experienced conflicts between Feng Shui and designers and who need to practice Feng Shui in interior design, I have a golden opportunity to find out assumptions, turn them into a research question, and find some answers.

So, I have conversations with my targets to find the actual problem from their point of view.

Audience 01: The Customer who has experienced conflict in the working process.

  • The link that shows the conversation in the interview,

Data collected:

- Most of the problems arise from not understanding the principles of each party. Feng Shui master is just concerned with traditional principles, while interior design only focuses on the aesthetic of a design. So, they can not combine both principles to promote harmonious space.

Audience 02: The Customer who needs to know the basic how to practice Feng Shui in interior design.

  • The link that shows the conversation in the interview,

Data collected:

- A lack of basic knowledge of both practices that makes misunderstandings on work process.
- Most clients tend to learn the basics by themselves before consulting with a personal expert, but no service platform combines the two principles for providing them.


The problem issue

- They don't understand the process of workflow, which leads to a waste of time doing duplicate work.

- Feng Shui masters and Designers lack of basic knowledge of each other, which contributes to conflicting ideological demands.

- No service platform that combines two principles together.

Next Step

  • Learning from other case studies that have pre-entire done before, the strengths, the weaknesses, and then adapting to new practices of this project.

  • Annalise and combine both practices organized step by step.

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