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INTERVIEW: 01 Feng Shui Master

"Interviews and engaging with the experts in various fields which relate to the project."

This process is how I can explore and intervene in the area of interest and the unknown that can apply to the project and realise the stakeholder I have to accomplish real change.

Feng Shui Expert (Thailand)

Mr Ton Lek Yutthachaisanti is a Feng Shui master who was also an interior designer and the owner of a Feng Shui Consultant company(FengShuiplusDesign). He had encountered this conflict before; therefore he turned to studying insight feng shui principles to understand this principle. So, it can be said that he is an expert in both disciplines this is a great opportunity for this project to collaborate with him.

The main topic of the interview is the cause of the conflict and the basics of the Feng Shui principle. Moreover, I also have experimented with the practice of Feng Shui to study new practices that allowed me to understand how Feng Shui practices can be applied to my project.

The link to interview

Idea Concept Collected

When calculating the birth date, day, month, year, time of birth, it can be able to know the information to select the direction, the location of use that matches the horoscope that is suitable for any direction.
Feng Shui is the accelerator of efficiency. There will be a very good chance when a good opportunity comes. In times of adversity, it may be light.


Interview with the different areas that make me open-minded and acknowledge new perspectives. The important thing is knowing how to empathise with others to compromise, which might be how relationships are maintained and conflicts are resolved.

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