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Intervention 1: The process of creating intervention.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Regrading to my question research....

How can I change people’s minds from the traditional view of good luck objects in Feng Shui?

So, I going to study the topic "How to change people's minds"

"Psychological reactance is a negative emotional state that we feel when we're not in control of our behavior," says Jonah Berger

There are four ways to shift people's minds without triggering their reactance.

My conclusion of 4 ways to change people's minds.

I considered that can be applied to my intervention are...

  1. Give people a choice: they're thinking about which one they like better, and they're much more likely to make a choice.

  2. Let people create their own options: The customers will feel like they are a part of the project because they came up with the idea themselves.

From this research, I will apply to my intervention by creating alternative ways to provide choices for customers.

This is my idea of creating choices for customers who looking for alternative ways of Feng Shiu object.
  • Option 1: I will put the traditional object

  • Option 2: I will put that similar object by changing the shape, colour and position of the object for comparison to a traditional object.

  • **Option 3: I insert a furniture design that it's never been done in a good luck object before.

NOTE: I choose furniture design because..

My Intervention

This is an intervention that I plan to test with my stakeholder to gain feedback from them to develop ideas further.

Next Steps

  • Testing this intervention with my project's stakeholders.

  • Develop options from feedback for responding to customers as possible.

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