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Intervention 0: "One Word" What do people think of good luck object?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

After my project had a direction to study "Good Luck Object" in-depth, I was curious to know what people think and feel about good luck charms. The question will ask about, Do they believe in fortune or good luck objects, or not? If they believe, what are the lucky objects that they have?

So, I created this intervention called " One Word", I will randomly ask people who are nearly my stakeholder. This activity will ask them that......

"If you see this word what is the words will pop up in your head"

The words that I'm going to use are

"Good Luck Object"
and I will add "Good Luck Object in Home"

From my research about Good fortune Objects in Feng Shui, there are relationships between all four words. Especially, I put the "Good Luck Object in Home" word in this activity to be more specific to the results of my project.

Moreover, the purpose of this observation will be to focus on mainly my target audience who are between ages of 25-45 years, both Eastern and Western people. To understand more and see different points of view on beliefs, fortune and good luck objects from people in different cultures.

Western's view

Start observation with Western people

This is the result of my observation that shows perspective of Western people.

Eastern's view

Start observation with Eastern people

This is the result of my observation that shows perspective of Eestern people.

Reflective of my observation

From my observation, I match the keywords that both types of people think the same thing. This resulted from the matching of perspectives between Western and Eastern views on good luck objects.

This is the result of my observation that shows matching keywords of both sides.

I got the same keywords from the "BELIEF" part are....


I got the same keywords from the "FORTUNE" part are....


This showed I would use this information for my next research step. This shows that in terms of the principles of belief and fortune, both groups of people have similar fundamental ideas - even though they are from different cultures.

This is the result of my observation about perspective of Good luck object between Western and Eastern people.

But the interesting thing illustrated in the "GOOD LUCK" part is that both Western&Eastern 90% of the people interviewed had their lucky item, and each person's lucky item is completely different.

More than that, I've been talking to people who believe in good luck "Why do they need a lucky thing?" I got the answer that they have a relationship and connection with their lucky objects.

This keyword is noticeable information for my research that see....

"Good luck objects can be anything, just you believe in them."

Next Sept

I plan to research more about "The psychology of luck" to support my assumption of a good luck object.

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