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How can I define the stakeholders?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

In the beginning, the word "Stakeholder" was quite new to me, and I didn't understand it at all. So, I started to look for the meaning of this word for applying to my project. This is my process of analyzing my project's stakeholders by reading from business articles and examples of strategies of some companies.

These are the topics that I am interested in...

Who are project stakeholders?

Project stakeholders are any kind of people influenced by the project. They have an interest in whether the project succeeds or fails. Therefore, success or failure (on completion) is decided by how much the stakeholders are satisfied. They are might be the key to my project's success.

What are the two types of project stakeholders?

Project stakeholders can be broadly categorized in two ways:

1. Internal Stakeholders

These individuals or organizations are involved in the project from within the organization.

2. External Stakeholders

External stakeholders are affected by the project’s outcome even though they are not involved in the project directly.

How do identify stakeholders in a project?

This is a good way to work toward identifying project stakeholders early on. The process of identifying stakeholders ideally starts and might be a guideline way to develop my project further.

These following documents and techniques that can help me to identify the stakeholders.

1. Project Chater

This stage should identify The project head, clients and influencers so that they can provide useful insights for identifying the stakeholders.

2. Reviewing the Enterprise Environmental Factors

3. Interviewing the influencers

Interviewing some experts and key influencers is also instrumental in identifying the key stakeholders.

4. Asking questions

Brainstorming sessions with experts might be a great way to get the stakeholders involved, for a clear overall picture.

How can I apply this method to my project?:

I apply this method to my project more clearly and have some ideas for primary identification.

My Reflection

Regarding my project, I apply this method to make it more clear and have some ideas for primary identification.

Firstly, I tried to divide the stakeholder into two types: Internal and External.

Secondly, I follow the techniques that can help, by consulting with Feng Shui Experts to define the main character of their customers who believe in the Good luck charms of Feng Shui.

For example, What group of people are they (demographic profiling), what do they care about, what is their feng shui behaviour, and what are their true needs?. Overall, this methodology can be a guideline for me to find stakeholders for my project.

Next Steps

  • I will study my stakeholder specifically in the character of Thai beliefs and superstitions in Thailand.

  • What is the main character in Thai beliefs?


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