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Five Elements Of Feng Shui

By Sarah Rossbach

Feng Shui reacts to colour. Not all colours, however, affect everybody in the same way. Some colours enhance a person’s aura and others detract.

To assess a person’s best colour, first analyze his chi to discern his strong element–Earth, fire, water, metal, wood. All five elements represent colour: water is blue/ green, fire is red, the earth is yellow/brown, metal is white, and water is black. These colours follow the five-element cycles of mutual growth and decay. Once the element is found, use the cycle of development to see which element’s colour will enhance it. For example, people which a lot of wood wear black (the colour of water), while white (the metal colour) will generally be bad for luck. Someone with a lot of water should wear white and avoid yellow (the earth's colour). This can also work for buildings and interiors.

Rossbach, Sarah(1984), Feng Shui Ancient Chinese on arranging a harmonious living environment: Five-element, 1984

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