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Case Study: Feng Shui practice on a digital platform

After getting the idea of creating some service platform to provide basic knowledge of Feng Shui practice for customers, the case study is maybe a pre-existing concept or a process. Researching different kinds of case studies will gain different outcomes that might be useful for creating the best-suited option. This project will study the strength and weaknesses of a case study such as other Feng Shui platforms and other companies, to gather some ideas that might be adapted to create new practices.

Case Study for Feng Shui - Service Platforms



  • Many articles about Feng Shui principle posted are useful for the audience and provide a topic in various content such as business, living and practising.

  • There is a service function to find Feng Shui experts worldwide.


  • There is information related to Feng Shui in interior design but not specific to the individual.



  • There is certified by a world-class feng shui organization.

  • There are collaborations with Feng Shui Experts around the world.


  • Overall, this platform has similar content to others.



  • There is a clear identification of the feng shui master that contribute to the credibility.

  • There is a variety of service content that can respond to customer needs.


  • There is no guideline to the interior design that suits the specific customer. If a customer needs to know about basic Feng Shui for themselves, they have to pay only.


Learning the strength and weaknesses of each platform to be applied to the project prototype such as the content, the method, and the knowledge of the service platform.

Next Step

  • Planning for creating the prototype to test with an audience.

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